It is my desire to share my adventures, travel and my life with type 1 diabetes in the hope that I can encourage, inspire and share some humor along the way. A vlog is a new avenue for me to do that.


Vlog #4 - 'Bobcat Seen On My Run'

I see Bobcats every now and then, but usually in the neighborhood. This was a unique opportunity as this was in the desert and I was able to take many photos and a video.

Vlog #3 - 'Food Discussions in Utah'

When not adventuring in the Utah back country we did a lot of eating. Those meals created some interesting conversations, some of it related to the food we were inhaling. Here are a few of the gems.


Vlog #2 - Drama with a Bull

An unusual set of events during a 4 Wheel Drive adventure in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument (Utah).


Vlog #1 - California Condors are extremely rare and we were fortunate enough to see one at Horseshoe Bend (Page, Arizona). This is #11 above the Colorado River near the Grand Canyon. Traveling with Eric Peffer.