I am an adventurer, photographer, filmmaker and endurance athlete living in Catalina, Arizona (near Tucson). I also have type 1 diabetes and have chosen to take on challenges because of the disease. This site is a glimpse of that lifestyle and I do hope to encourage and inspire others to live life fully.

I have had diabetes for 42 years and have been living a life of adventure and sports for about the same period of time. My neighbor in Boise, Idaho came by one day and casually asked me if I would like to do a bungee jump. I gave it some thought and could not come up with any solid reason not to. Thus began my motion toward taking on challenges, adventures and projects because I can and I do not need to dig for excuses as to why I cannot do something. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 jump!

My heart is on the trail where I run each day and while I have run ultramarathons, marathons, etc. I run because I love to run and it helps in maintaining better diabetes control. Also, in my gear stash is a mountain, gravel and road bike, climbing, mountaineering, disc golf, hiking, kayaking, and caving items.

I love to travel and explore which tends to combine many pieces of life that I have listed on this page.

I revel in putting my creative talents to the test within the world of photography, videography, filmmaking, and writing. These are all very different but distinct ways of sharing the world in which I live. I hope to grow at my skills and continue with a life of adventure.

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Oracle Rumble 2017-near mile 17 on AZ Trail. 32 miles total.Taken by Damion Alexander.jpg
Great Sand Dunes National Park - Colorado - Photo by Eric Peffer

Great Sand Dunes National Park - Colorado - Photo by Eric Peffer