I just completed an incredible class through the University of Alaska - Fairbanks. A learning, growing, and challenging class that I took to increase my ability and love for writing. Surprising to me, I had my highest grades in Poetry. I will likely post one or more poems.


Deep inside is an engine that has no physical parts,

a powerhouse that is immeasurable.

Inexhaustible and unlimited qualities that reside within a brain

Or is it heart?

I tap this precious resource, when needed, when desperate.

When I call upon the will to survive in an endurance race, tackling a difficult goal,

up against a nightmarish task.


The grit to continue, the tenacity to fight to the end.

The moxie to continue in my extreme efforts, your athletic event, your dreaded day at work,

My will to survive in a life or death scenario

My desire to endure through whatever life will heave my direction; I will survive.

Steady persistence in the course of action, grinding through difficulties,

obstacles, and discouragement.

Perseverance at work, moving you forward, ever enduring

Capture The Moment

Whether on a sensational, epic road trip or a speedy journey downtown

My eyes are always scanning, searching, looking

Focused intently on the scene in front and behind me

A camera, likely loaded with a brimming memory card

In the car, inserted into my running pack, on the deck of a kayak, stashed in my backpack, or by

the front door

Always handy, always prepared to capture the moment


I am a photographer, storyteller, videographer, filmmaker and a sentimental human

Yes, I am about moments

Cradling life through an photo memory card

It might be a gorgeous, radiating sunset, a rocky cliff with bighorn sheep, smiling faces of those

who have joined in my adventure, a unique abandoned country barn in the middle of nowhere,

a bobcat running across the road, the last light of the day striking a  distant waterfall, or

a single blade of grass.


Dave’s Trail


I head out the door and take an immediate right turn,

trail running shoes strapped to my feet in motion I tread on the trail within two minutes.

The loop stirs with epic memories, crazy wildlife; which includes the likes of the

tarantula, javelina, bobcat, horny toad, Gila monster, desert tortoise,

and of course, the lethal,

but unique rattlesnake and it is my escape from the four walls syndrome.

Under the barbed wire fence and onto freedom.

I slowly run the treasured desert path where I see roughly two people each month.

It is not an established, glorious, marked track,

just desert, lots of sand and many plants and bushes with wicked, and nasty thorns.

Wildlife abounds around the tapping of my shoes on the scattered rock path.

When the schedule is tame,  I am on “Dave’s trail,” twice a day,

rarely missing an opportunity to

experience moments of reflection, planning, beautiful terrain and yes, oh yes,

those beloved wild animals I encounter.

I jag left at thirty-five minutes where the trail spills onto a lightly traveled road.

My eyes, not focused on my watch; they are focused

on the magnificent and jagged Catalina Mountains, sitting right above my terrain,

or the six other distant, but unique mountain ranges within my periphery.

I am focused on what is directly in my running sphere, a mind in positive motion.

I am running a bit slow, but moving forward all the same.

By now, I have likely seen one of the animals, or spiders above and I have captured

the moment.

I end the circuit at the front door of the casa, deep within the desert realm.

A completed lap, a finished run, an established escape

from all that life has thrown at me today.