Films / Long Form Videos

On this page I will feature films that I have either created or have been involved with.  These videos may also be featured on my Videos page.

I have another film in the works featuring a No Limits Sky Dive Event. Great memories from a couple sky dive events that we organized.

A kayak journey organized by SAIL (Southeast Alaska Independent Living) in Sitka, Alaska. The kayaking started in Sitka to the Samsing Cove Cabin with some kayaking beyond the Samsing Cabin area. Film/video created by Dave Nevins Media. Video and photos also contributed by Heather Cole. This video/film was also a No Limits project.

Testing Gravity at the Grand Canyon with a bungee jump from the Navajo Bridge (Arizona) with Over the Edge Bungee. Navajo Bridge is 467 feet above the Colorado River. Hoping to encourage and inspire those with type 1 diabetes.

A kayak expedition into the wilds of Alaska. Sign us up, echo Trever & Dave, who both have type 1 diabetes. Live life to the fullest is one of our mottos. This is from a No Limits Kayak Expedition out of Sitka, Alaska. Created by Dave Nevins (Dave Nevins Media).

Trailer for my coming film "Alaskan Waters" featuring two kayakers with type 1 diabetes and their guide in the wilds of Alaska. Trever and Dave are living life to the fullest and this is a story of their journey and to inspire others to live life fully. Stunning scenery (it's Alaska!), humor, touching and encouraging. Film to be released soon.

'You Only Live Once' is my first film, featuring four mountain bikers who have type 1 diabetes.  We competed in the 2017-24 Hours in the Old Pueblo mountain bike race near Tucson, Arizona.  In this film you will meet four amazing individuals, learn about an incredible event, laugh and hopefully, be inspired.

The trailer for my film 'You Only Live Once'.

'Sugar Free Ocean' is a film created from a No Limits Destination Alaska Sea Kayak Expedition.  I was able to get funding for the project through Banff Mountain Film Fest Sitka (Alaska).  Created by Amy Chrest.

Filmed by Kevin Hutchison (Summit Digital Films) at the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho.  I am the lucky one who was tossed off the bridge (Pall Bearer Toss).

Video created by Derek Smith during the No Limits (Salt Lake City, Utah) tour from the Arizona/Utah border to the Idaho/Utah border.  The BBAD Tour -- Border to Border Against Diabetes.

This is RAW footage from the Go Fast Games in Canon City, Colorado. You are not allowed to bungee jump off of the Royal Gorge Bridge (955 feet above the Arkansas River) unless plenty of insurance is taken out. The only time that I have seen this happen is during the Go Fast Games, an adventure event mainly for the Base Jumpers. This may be the premier jump on the planet. Over the Edge Bungee was asked to run the unique bungee jump and I helped them with the event, took photos and videos. 

This footage was put together and donated by Dan Etulain for my use. This was our No Limits Sitka Sound Adventure Swim (5k/10k ocean swim) in Sitka, Alaska.

No Limits Sitka Sound Adventure Swim (2011) in Sitka, Alaska. This was a 5k/10k ocean swim benefitting the American Diabetes Association. Interviewing by Tessa Fager.

No Limits Sitka Sound Adventure Swim (2010) in Sitka, Alaska. This was a 5k/10k ocean swim benefitting the American Diabetes Association. Interviewing done by Kristin Scotchmer.

This is RAW footage taken by Kevin Hutchison (Summit Digital Films) of our 2nd  No Limits 'Dive for Diabetes' skydive event. We would donate the funds raised to Humphreys Diabetes Center (Boise, Idaho).