Others Who Inspire 

I remember seeing the Diabetes Forecast magazine featuring Bill Carlson on the cover, the first person with type 1 diabetes to do the Kona Ironman World Championship. I was not sure what direction my world of sports would go but I was encouraged to read another person with type 1 diabetes doing amazing things. Bill was also in my career field, Exercise Physiology, so I decided to send him a letter. Back when people used snail mail to keep in touch. He responded quickly, adding extra layers of inspiration and we had a number of phone calls. Dealing with this disease can be a nightmare but I am glad for those around me who have risen above diabetes and have shown that they are people who happen to have diabetes. Diabetes does not own them or run their lives.

Waiting on updated information from the next person I hope to feature, Elise Zevitz.

Bill Carlson

Bill Carlson

Link to a story on Bill Carlson (The Man, the Myth, the Legend) from Beyond Type 1


Video on Bill Carlson


When you see photos of travel and adventure it is likely that I am on the road with Eric Peffer, who is teaching me photography. His photography is amazing. Check it out on the link below.

Below are some links to some of my favorite websites related to type 1 diabetes.