I have been blessed with a life of adventure, varied experiences, sprinkled with some travel. I am using video as one way of sharing my life with others. While having type 1 diabetes I will continue to motor forward with more adventures and more stories to share via videos, blog and vlog posts and films. Long form videos and films may be in my Films section.

At long last I have created an intro video for my YouTube Channel.

A kayak journey organized by SAIL (Southeast Alaska Independent Living) in Sitka, Alaska. The kayaking started in Sitka to the Samsing Cove Cabin with some kayaking beyond the Samsing Cabin area. Film/video created by Dave Nevins Media. Video and photos also contributed by Heather Cole. This video/film was also a No Limits project.

We parked just below the high point of the dirt track that leads to the hike up Trincheria Peak near Cuchara, Colorado. The Peak is 13, 517 feet high. Got some video of the drive up the road, but it looked a bit more impressive in the dark. Shot on a GoPro 7.

Always good to get out on a run through the desert. Especially grand when you see cool wildlife and an extra bonus when they are curious like the photographer.

Mountain bike ride with Old Pueblo MTB on August 11, 2019. Excellent trail for beginners. Photos and videos from Todd Rasmussen and Dave Nevins.

The Tortolita Preserve Trail Loop is near Dove Mountain Resort in Marana, Arizona (near Tucson). 9+ miles with few technical sections makes it is a good beginner trail. There is a decent amount of sand. This ride is with the Old Pueblo MTB group.

One of my first purchases when I arrived in The Dalles, Oregon was a gravel bike. This video is the first ride on a dirt track and I am sure there will be many other rides in the future. This route is on a railroad bed (the tracks were never laid), so it is very flat and wide. About 15 miles from The Dalles.

I was ready to walk up the driveway and complete this run when I saw this young rattlesnake. A unique opportunity to video the desert wildlife before I move up to The Dalles, Oregon.

This is a splash of photos taken by a number of people who were at the Navajo Bridge (Grand Canyon) during our bungee jump. Full video (The Jump) is in the long form/film section.

An epic jump in a sensational location. Just got back from the historic Navajo Bridge in the Grand Canyon (Page, Arizona) and a jump with Over the Edge, Inc. Bungee. This was not a new challenge, but it had been ten years since I have done any gravity testing so I sort of felt like a newbie.

Another viewpoint of my bungee jump at the Historic Navajo Bridge (Grand Canyon-Arizona). Filmed by Sean Crosby on my Canon 7D. 

I tried to recruit a person or two with type 1 diabetes to join the adventure at the bridge but had zero success. The first person we met at the bridge was Bryce, who amazingly has type 1 diabetes and will be a part of my bungee jump film to highlight the day and to focus on living life fully with diabetes.

Alyse is a friend of Barry & Sharon Glazier, who are friends of mine. She decided to come to the Navajo Bridge with her family to watch the crazy people jump from a perfectly good bridge. I give her a ton of credit to join our adventure and take her first jump.

A No Limits kayak expedition in Alaska provided unbelievable scenery, plentiful wildlife, adventure and two characters that were outstanding. One of which has type 1 diabetes (Trever) and who also has in his possession an insane humor level. Scott, our guide is one of the best guides ever and provided some of the most memorable clips of the film.

Trailer for my coming film "Alaskan Waters" featuring two kayakers with type 1 diabetes and their guide in the wilds of Alaska. Trever and Dave are living life to the fullest and this is a story of their journey and to inspire others to live life fully. Stunning scenery (it's Alaska!), humor, touching and encouraging. Film to be released soon.

'You Only Live Once' is my first film, featuring four mountain bikers who have type 1 diabetes.  We competed in the 2017-24 Hours in the Old Pueblo mountain bike race near Tucson, Arizona.  In this film you will meet four amazing individuals, learn about an incredible event, laugh and hopefully, be inspired.

This is the trailer for my first film, 'You Only Live Once'.  Four mountain bikers who have type 1 diabetes take on 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo near Tucson, AZ.  This shares some of their story and their race in the desert.  A film to encourage and inspire those with diabetes and those around them.

I see a lot of wildlife on my runs through the desert near my residence. This was a very unusual encounter as the bobcat paid almost no attention to me and I was able to get very close and to follow the bobcat for a while. Talking with a wildlife biologist friend he shared that this is probably a male who was nudged out of his home to begin his life on his own. This would mean this is a new area for him and he was not sure where to go. May not have been around humans much.

David Bailey with Team Legends of the Road during the Race Across America (2017).

Josh Patt and his incredible experience at the Go Fast Games with a bungee jump off the Royal Gorge Bridge in Canon City, Colorado (1,053 feet high).

Powerful words from Trever during a No Limits Sea Kayak Expedition in Sitka, Alaska.

Shortened version of a film created by Kevin Hutchison (Summit Digital Films).  Jump was at the Perrine Bridge (486 feet high) in Twin Falls, Idaho.  Full version is below.

Full version of the film created by Kevin Hutchison (Summit Digital Films).  Jump was at the Perrine Bridge (486 feet high) in Twin Falls, Idaho.  Shortened version is above.

Saw this guy during a run through the Arizona desert.  Coyotes are usually very skittish, so was surprised to be able to get good photographs and videos.  In the video he is dive bombed by a bird.

While not one of my most viewed videos this one has the most story surrounding the footage. This was a bungee jump at the Glenn's Ferry Bridge in Idaho.  I did not know that someone was filming the most unique bungee jump that I have done.  It would be four years after the jump that I would see the video. The boat that rescued my shoe was the only boat that we saw all day and they only were only around for my jump.  They were on the Snake River fishing for sturgeon.  

Olivia on our No Limits team (all riders with Type 1 diabetes) during the 2017 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo race (near Tucson, AZ).

'Sugar Free Ocean' is a film created from a No Limits Destination Alaska Sea Kayak Expedition.

I assisted Media 1 during the 2015 Race Across America.  We were fortunate to see winner Severin Zotter after the race, in Annapolis, Maryland.

Fun activities after the 2015 Race Across America.

A life highlight being chosen as a Medtronic Global Hero. Event was in St. Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota with 24 other runners (from around the world) who were chosen for their achievements/lifestyle/story and use of Medtronic product to help keep them alive and in better health. This motivating speech was given by Gary Pauley.

While I have done a lot of bungee jumps and some rope swings, this rope jump was the craziest I have done. A regular rope was used, with no stretch (like a bungee cord) so you better jump with all your worth to take out the slack in the rope. It is a really short bridge (95 feet) so everything is magnified since it is so much closer and in view than a tall bridge.

My first base jump! It was a tandem jump off of the famed Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho. A bridge that I have jumped off of a # of times (bungee jump). 

Filmed by Derek Smith

At the Royal Gorge (Canon City, Colorado) during the Go Fast Games. Over the Edge, Inc. Bungee was asked to run the bungee jump. All other events were invitation only. This is probably the premier jump on the planet (1053 feet above river). I believe we were the last people to jump it (insurance must be taken out to do this jump, otherwise it is an illegal jump). This was in 2008.

For whatever reason, I decided to run/hike up the two main peaks that rise above Sitka, Alaska, while running between the mountains and run back to the car, while a stormy day unleashed.

A GoPro camera was found by a friend of mine at the La Jolla Pier (California) in the ocean. It had come off of a surfboard and found the bottom of the ocean to bounce around while it continued to film. By Claudia's estimates it had covered about six miles from what she saw at the start of the footage and where it was found. No dating to help with time elapsed. The GoPro is an early version and still works!