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Helicopter Bungee Jump

Heli-Bungee Jump with Over the Edge Bungee

January 30, 2009
Over the Edge, Inc. Bungee has scheduled for Friday, January 30th a Heli-Bungee event at Lake Elsinore, California. (Exact location to be announced). Sharp Entertainment will film the event for the Travel Channel for their series television program called "Extreme Adrenaline".

Each jump costs $700. Reservations must be booked in advance only prior to January 9th by check or money order to Over the Edge, Inc. P.O. Box 386, Stanley, ID 83278, or by online credit card through PayPal
( payment for half the total. Upon receipt of deposit Over the Edge (OTE), Inc. will confirm payment and the balance will be due on jump day. Please contact us by email or phone to schedule a tentative jump time.

The Jump:
Over a grassy field the A350 helicopter will hover approximately 1200 feet in the air at the moment the jumper exits the open door while attached to a four-hundred foot bungee cord. The cord will double in length at furthest stretch.

The last Heli-Bungee in Toronto, Canada was a huge success which has been televised on the Travel and Discovery Channels and other syndicates worldwide. Recently, OTE was the sole bungee company at the "Go Fast Games 2008" at the Royal Gorge Bridge in Canon City, Colorado. There on the world's highest suspension bridge amidst jetpack pilots, rock climbers, BMX riders and BASE jumpers from around the world doing what they do, a record number of bungee jumpers leaped off the Royal Gorge Bridge.

Over the Edge, Inc.

And yes, Dave does plan on being there with harness in hand.