It is my desire to share my adventures, travel and my life with type 1 diabetes in the hope that I can encourage, inspire and share some humor along the way. A vlog is a new avenue for me to do that.

Vlog #14 - "The Ugliest Saguaro Cactus?"

Where is the ugliest saguaro cactus? It just might be on my trail running route near Tucson, Arizona. This lone survivor is the only full-size saguaro cactus I see in the area other than in yards. It does have a redeeming quality. See why.

Vlog #13 - "Kayaking On The Gila River"

Our journey was from Winkelman to Kearny, Arizona. Roughly 15 miles. I was joined by Billy Joe, another adventurer with Type 1 Diabetes. I did spend some time in the river and burned spent time emptying my kayak but it was an incredible time and adventure.

Vlog #12 - "Oracle Rumble Ultra & Training"

Tackling bigger and longer goals, I signed up for the Oracle Rumble 50 mile race. Cramping shortened my race to the 50k route but it was an incredible experience. Race is on the Arizona Trail, extreme, isolated and beautiful. Will keep up with endurance events and adventure despite having type 1 diabetes.

Vlog #11 - "The Jump" - Vlog

Epic adventure at the Grand Canyon with a bungee jump off of the historic Navajo Bridge. My first jump in ten years! I have many, many jumps under my belt but this was special since it had been so long since I had tested gravity and it is one of my favorite jumps. Last jumped the Nav in 2004. A beautiful site to adventure. I am working on a full video/film to share many more moments of this classic time.

Vlog #10 - "Exploring Death Valley and the Mojave National Preserve - Slideshow"

A follow-up to Vlog #9, using some of the photos from the trip for a slideshow to feature an incredible trip to Death Valley National Park and the Mojave National Preserve (California). Stops include the Racetrack Playa, Rhyolite, Nevada (Ghost Town), Titus Canyon and the Kelso Dunes.

Vlog #9 - "Exploring Death Valley and the Mojave National Preserve"

Death Valley National Park and the Mojave National Preserve are fascinating areas to explore and there are many surprises behind the somewhat stark terrain. The Racetrack Playa is exceptionally unique with its moving rocks. Eric Peffer and Dave Nevins made the journey in late September.

Vlog #8 - "Fat Biking, A New Challenge"

I hopped on a Fat Bike for the first time with fellow adventurer and a person with type 1 diabetes, Billy Joe. Fun, challenging and yes, a major crash caught on the video. Billy Joe was on our No Limits team at the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo race (mountain bike).

Vlog #7 - "The Story behind the Devil Toad" 

The previous vlog shared the details behind one of the traveling companions, the Desert Tortoise. This episode gives the history behind the other creature in the truck that Eric and I are traveling in.

Vlog #6 - "The Story behind the Desert Tortoise". 

A rather interesting story behind our traveling companion, the desert tortoise.

Vlog #5 - 'Rattlesnake Season Has Begun!'

It's that time of the year! Animals are emerging from their desert hiding spots and this includes the rattlesnake. The video and photos are of a young diamondback rattlesnake seen on my run. This was the first one of the season. Dave Nevins Vlog.

Vlog #4 - 'Bobcat Seen On My Run'

I see Bobcats every now and then, but usually in the neighborhood. This was a unique opportunity as this was in the desert and I was able to take many photos and a video.

Vlog #3 - 'Food Discussions in Utah'

When not adventuring in the Utah back country we did a lot of eating. Those meals created some interesting conversations, some of it related to the food we were inhaling. Here are a few of the gems.

Vlog #2 - Drama with a Bull

An unusual set of events during a 4 Wheel Drive adventure in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument (Utah).

Vlog #1 - "One Rare Bird"

California Condors are extremely rare and we were fortunate enough to see one at Horseshoe Bend (Page, Arizona). This is #11 above the Colorado River near the Grand Canyon. Traveling with Eric Peffer.