The reality of RAAM can be shared by some of the numbers involved in the world's toughest cycling event.  200 riders (solos and teams included) and over 600 crew members taking care of the details.  This year the route is 3,021 miles and will go through 13 states. Climbing over 100,000 feet.  Low point is 170 feet below sea level and the high point is over 10,000 feet.  Solo riders will get less than 4 hours sleep a night and will eat over 8,000 calories a day.  RAAM is 50% longer than the Tour de France.  Collectively, the Solo and Team finishers will travel a combined distance = to circling the earth at the equator 7 times.

Team Type 1 - 8 riders
                         20 crew

Team Type 2 - 8 riders
                         18 crew