The Edge of Night

I turned off the jeep headlights and was immediately immersed in darkness.  My eyes tried to adjust and make sense of my new surroundings.  My head tried to make some sense of what I was about to do.  Fail.......
Above me dangled a lone source of human connection.  The source was a glow stick suspended off of a fairly tall bridge.  I marveled at what a unique, rather cool sight it was, also at the amazing opportunities I have had to live life and take on different adventures. The list would grow this evening.

I flipped on a headlight and prepared myself for what was next. Just a few
hours ago I had received a short phone call inviting me to join the adventurous group for the evening,
at a bridge,
on a catwalk,
to do a bungee jump

in the dark.  Not really the kind of 'invitation' you get every day.

My bungee partner, Matt and I were on our way-

to the bridge,
to spend a long evening,
on a rather freaky, narrow catwalk
in order to leap into the world of blackness

                                                                                                                                Catwalk and River

  stellar jump during the day!

The catwalk, far above the churning Snake River, is one of my favorite spots on the planet! While it is understandably frightening for some to even imagine standing on a small ledge overlooking a rushing river, this type of adventure feeds my spirit and defines the crazy adventure seeker that I am....sorry Mom and Dad! 

A click of the carabiner and a screw of the gate and I was hooked into the bungee cord.  Since bungee jumping is not a totally new adventure for me, I decided to explore a new challenge for this jump.  Instead of the carabiner locked in front of me, I had it secured at my back instead.  As I climbed the beam, high above the flowing river below, I hung before I let go and 5,4,3, 2, 1 dropped into the darkness of the night. 

Luckily, because there were only a few night time dare devils, we all got to take multiple jumps.  We had glow sticks attached at the end of the retrieval rope. 

You can barely make out the glow sticks below
 The evening was one of those rare experiences that makes me who I am: a seeker of new challenges, new adventures and learning to live life to the fullest (and sometimes scariest)! Wonder what crazy adventure will top this!