Sometimes Life is Stranger than Fiction

Video involving the shoe incident

Life can be stranger than fiction
The link above tells most of the story:  

*  Dave does a rather unusual bungee jump

*  Dave somehow loses his shoe in the process
*  A boat scoops up his shoe and saves the day

Rather charming headlines but ohhhh, there is so much more to that story….

Glenn's Ferry Bridge
The  first ‘stranger’ aspect comes in the fact that I was even able to post a youtube video. 
We were joined on the Glenn’s Ferry bridge by a good # of adrenaline seekers.  One of them was Tom (last name escapes me).  I did not realize till well after the jump that he was filming many of the bungee jumps or that someone below was snapping photos.   Eventually, I found out about possible footage so I contacted Tom and he gladly shared that he would send footage my way.  He was in the process of piecing the short segments of footage together into a longer loop.  Sounded good to me.  Time crept forward with no footage.  No rush, but I was curious if he had the camera rolling when I did the most unusual  jump I have ever done.  

My Shoe, in flight

A year would roll by……….then it became 2 years.   I would eventually receive the prized footage but would not be able to open the main footage.  No success after many different attempts I closed the file but was glad for some short segments and a handful of photos.  One of which miraculously caught my shoe incident.  

2 more years would pass and after the piece of junk laptop was replaced by a slightly newer version of technology I would again, stumble across the unknown file that sat amidst a random bungee pile .  I had forgotten about the lost and yet to be opened file and accidentally clicked on the attachment.  4 years after the jump I had my surprise footage.  If you catch the video, the boat that rescue's my shoe was the only boat we saw that day and they were only in the area for my jump.  They left after their heroic retrieval.

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