Photo of the Week - February 16-22, 2015|

Sunset on River Road, San Manuel, Arizona

This day would see us (Eric Peffer and I) spending quality photo time in Oracle State Park (Oracle, Arizona) and then along River Road in San Manuel, Arizona.  Our journey along the trail system and then the Kannally Ranch House in Oracle State Park was good, but lighting for photography was sketchy at best.  After the stop at the historic ranch house we headed toward the Galiuro Mountains and San Manuel.  No clear destination, just back roads and an exceptional and very inaccessible mountain range.  

As we rolled along River Road the sun began its final dip into the Arizona landscape.  Eric parked in a area that was only a couple miles from the last time we were in this area.  That trip was especially remarkable as we watched the sun vanish behind thick cloud cover near sunset.  The Galiuro Mountains behind us, suddenly began showing a beautiful golden stream of light across the range.
We were surprised at the changing scene and were able to capture some epic photos.

The photo above is from our recent trip.  The Arizona sunsets continue to amaze me.

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