'Getting Paid for Adventure'

In a couple days I will embark on another adventure, of sorts.  I will be driving the Media 1 vehicle for the Race Across America (RAAM).  Many consider this the toughest athletic event on the planet.  It is also my next paid employment.  Somehow, someway, I have come into a number of adventurous jobs that seem to fit well on my resume and my lifestyle.  Yes, work can contain a bit of adventure.  Why not?

In the 90's I assisted Franz Spilauer (RAAM winner in 1988) on 2 different bicycle tours over 2 summers.  Each tour was about 3 weeks long and hit major tourist points in California, Utah, Arizona and Nevada.  We covered about 5,000 miles each trip.  The riders would cover about 50 or so miles each day and the rest of the miles was driven.  It was an amazing opportunity to spend time in most of the major parks in the 4 states that we zipped through.  

I would move out of  the desert and to Boise, Idaho for a job.  Not just a job, but an opportunity to get paid to ride my bicycle as a bicycle messenger.  Not quite a New York City messenger at heart but still a cool job.

I would then get paid for running.   Lacking talent (to officially get paid to run, as an athlete), but I would be part of the creation of 'Boise Backcountry Adventure', a trail book for the Boise, Idaho area.  We were of the frame of mind to run all the trails (except the canyoneering sections).  Over 1,000 miles was run to obtain information for the publication.  It was another exceptional job opportunity.

No running or pedaling involved, but I consider my move to Sitka, Alaska to be linked to adventure.  Just getting to my island setting, with a vehicle was interesting, to say the least.  I would enjoy time and a unique lifestyle in the Last Frontier and am glad to once again combine adventure with employment. 

My latest job revolved around adventure.  At least other people's adventure.  I was employed at Perimeter Bicycling Association of America with a slate of events, such as El Tour de Tucson and Viva Bike Vegas.

The adventure job list could roll into volunteer work.  Maybe another blog hangs in the balance.  

If you are up for adventure, and even jobs with a dash of adventure, keep your eyes open.  You never know what adventure you will find, or what adventure will find you.

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