6 days from now I will be immersed in a 34 mile trail running race (Colossal Vail 50/50 Arizona Trail Run).  I opted for the lesser of the 50's.....50k - actually 34 miles.  The more impressive 50 denotes 50 miles.  Maybe next year, on the 50 miles.  I will look to survive this year, in sweaty fashion.  


Gila Monster on one of my training runs.


Along with the 50/50 race I have also signed up a team of 5 mountain bikers to race in the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo race.  All of the team have type 1 diabetes.  A link that ties us together in a cause and probably in carbohydrates.  My goal is to create a film out of the adventure and share our time riding and living with diabetes.  

The team chose No Limits as a team name.  

The 24 Hour race did give me an excellent reason to purchase a new, crazy green, mountain bike.  My previous Gary Fischer model was dating about 15+ years old and was having issues.  I may have issues on the route but at least I will look good while I suffer.  

I created this website today so will continue to post on living a life with adventure and diabetes.  

Kent Loganbill and I riding in the Tortolita Mountains. Kent is helping me with Team No Limits.