A huge Thank You to Diabetes Daily and Matthew Butterman for the article 'Be Extreme! Seven Lessons for People with Diabetes Doing Extreme and Adventure Sports'.

The story is below.


Well written, researched and includes me along for the ride/jump/swim/run/climb/hike. Whatever it is, whatever you enjoy doing, whatever challenges stand in your way, DO IT! Do not let diabetes or your mind, stop you. 

Do check out the Diabetes Daily site. Lots of information, stories, advice, etc.

Many, many years ago, while living in Boise, Idaho, my neighbor casually invited me to join him for an outdoor activity. Actually, to go bungee jumping. I had never done anything particularly heart pounding and I gave it some thought. My thought process was very short and uncomplicated. I made a life-changing decision to join in on the challenge. The reason? I could not come up with a solid reason not to do it. Done.